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थी ईविल वीथिन 1970 - The Evil Within 1970 - Dramatic Movie | Dev Anand, Kieu Chinh, Rod Perry

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The Evil Within 1970 Directed by Lamberto V. Avellana. Dev Anand was the lead hero in a 1970 Hollywood Film ‘The Evil Within’. The movie is very nice ...

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The Evil Within 1970 Directed by Lamberto V. Avellana. Dev Anand was the lead hero in a 1970 Hollywood Film ‘The Evil Within’.

The movie is very nice and its refreshing to see dev anand and zeenat aman in an Indo-Filipino movie about an evil princess and opium smuggling. ... Also known as Passport to Danger (1970), the James Bond-inspired crime thriller was directed by Lamberto V Avellana.
The crime melodrama titled ‘The Evil Within’ was a 20th Century Fox production, produced by Rolf Bayer and Directed by Lamberto V. Avellana. It was also reportedly known as ‘Passport To Danger’ being its alternative title. Interestingly the cinematographer of this Hollywood film was Fali Mistry who was a close associate of Dev Anand in many of his films of those times including Guide (1965).

Stars: Kieu Chinh, Dev Anand, Rod Perry, Tita Muñoz, Vimal Ahuja, Henry Duval
Directed by Lamberto V. Avellana
Music by Pepo Mehto

Director: Lamberto V. Avellana
Producer: Rolf Bayer
Genre: Drama
Music: Fali Mistry
Year: 1970
Cast: Dev Anand, Kieu Chinh, Rod Perry

Synopsis: Wow, here is the ultra rare Filipino spy/action flick that has been alluding fans for decades. Very much in the style of a James Bond film, this movie has it all, from fistfights and murders to martial arts and plot and counter plot, this film never fails to please and may be perhaps one of the rarest titles in my catalog. A gang war involving opium is center stage, complete with federal agents played by Dev Anand and Rod Perry (that's right, Rod Perry of the SWAT tv show) using the opportunity to pit the gangs against each other. The opening of this film is unbelievable as we witness a fat, bald giant of a man on an assassination spree. This lunatic screams like a fucking idiot before he kills his intended victims. And if this isn't enough, we also have a lesbian love triangle featuring the lovely Zeenat Aman and Kieu-Chinh. And a theme song sung by Rod Perry.


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